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VIDEO – Helicopter Pilot Day in the Life

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(Video Publishers Notes) Have you ever wondered what a typical workday looks like for a sightseeing helicopter pilot at Maverick Helicopters? In this video, you will get a glimpse at the day in the life of a pilot as we follow Pilot Jake around for two sets of Wind Dancer tours.

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Pilots at Maverick typically start their day by checking the maintenance record for the helicopter they are assigned to fly and performing their thorough preflight procedures. Once preflight preparation is complete, and before boarding, the pilot will escort their guests to the aircraft and conduct a safety briefing.

Throughout our Grand Canyon helicopter tours, the pilot will narrate the trip and answer any guests’ questions. The pilot serves snacks and champagne, plus takes photos of and with the guests at the canyon. Upon returning to the Las Vegas terminal, pilots are responsible for sanitizing and preparing the aircraft for their next tour and set of passengers.

Experience an unforgettable trip from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon and fly with one of our amazing helicopter pilots on Maverick Helicopters’ Wind Dancer tour. On this one-of-a-kind Grand Canyon helicopter excursion, you will witness birds-eye views of Lake Las Vegas, Lake Mead, Hoover Dam, and more before descending and landing inside the heart of Grand Canyon West. Upon landing at our private vista above the Colorado River, you are free to explore, take photos, and enjoy light snacks and champagne. Then, conclude your journey with a breathtaking flight over historic Downtown and the iconic Las Vegas Strip.

For more information, please visit: https://www.maverickhelicopter.com/al.aspx?id=14949&t=999