The Latest Slot Games For April 2021

We all know how slot game titles massively impact the way we go about enjoying our gambling activities. For some gamers, it probably takes a majority of their gambling routine at once! The Book of Ra is a great example of how certain titles have never left our hearts, despite being out for quite some time now. There are just some titles that really capture all the attention and despite the years going by, you will always keep going back to it, as others do within the gambling community, just to play it again.

In this article, we take a look at all the new games that are set to be released or have made their launch within the recent months, and we believe that they will be huge for the coming month of April. You never know, these titles that we are introducing you to, may be the next legendary titles that never leave the featured page of a casino. Best, get playing them straight away then, shouldn’t you? We will let you be the judge of that…

Wild Flower

This game is a title developed by Big Time Gaming. You will find it has been around for a couple of months, yet it is the frequent usage of bonus promotions on casinos that has started to really allow it to get out there within the gambling community. Yes, we believe this game has great features within it, and it is just a case of when you will actually be down to start it and try it for yourself. What we will say here is, once we go into the bonus features that are all packed into one game title, you will think to yourself, why did I not start this game anytime sooner? Oh, and by the way, this game title is a high volatility slot, meaning you will need to wait a bit before those winnings start piling up-maybe wait quite a while.

The free spins bonus feature within this game title, is activated via your usual scatter symbols, which you probably would have guessed. However, this title can invite you to the enhanced features where you will be able to nab an 800x multiplier to your combinations, that ultimately can lead you to a 114,100 x your initial wager. To nab the multiplier symbol, you will need to get more than one on your real, adjacent to one another, to get access to the potential of a huge payout.

While the game is quite a symbol for the current slots market, you will find that the bonus features integrated within the game really make up for the quality of the game play overall. Just play and you will totally agree with us here.

Bushido Ways X Nudge

This game is yet to be released and it will come sometime this month, so that should be very intriguing for you, as you wait to try it out for yourself. What we will say is that this game features great graphics that are really advanced for slot games today. You have a cartoon story in play here, all you need to do is reel in those winning combinations to make the story unfold.

The theme of Japanese Samurai is what makes us super excited for this to hit the market, as we all know how much the Japanese Samurai culture excites any gamer, there are countless existing titles that have really shook the ground of slot gaming online. The slot game itself has some pretty great game mechanics that make the bonus features extra special for you to play. You will come to realise that the multiple wild symbols will have the ability to really mould your reels and bring the action running towards you. So, make sure you have your sword at the ready!

This game promises you as the slot gamer, some tens of thousands of times worth your stake, if you happen to land on the multipliers that come in at random times as you play. So be the good Samurai you are, and make sure you are constantly on the watch, and ready for attack at any given time.

Perfect Potions Megaways

Admit it, we all get excited when we see a Megaways for release, as they are the game titles that truly make our experience out of this world, and filled with excitement. While with Megaways, everything is very much fast paced, what we will say is, the Megaways mechanics ensure that you get a 96% RTP when you play.

To place a bet, you will need to start from at least £0.20, and you can go all the way up to £20 per payline. While the theme is built around the magic and legend of Merlin, there is certainly more than magic potions that you can encounter as you play. The multiplier wilds can perform in a multiple of ways for you, firstly being that they can award you 2,500x your stake, and they can give you some free spins rounds to integrate within your gaming.

Of course, this game has yet to be released, however the SG team have commented on how this game has been highly optimised for mobile gameplay, and it has been advised for you to choose mobile gaming over the option of a PC. Set your calendars at the ready folks!

Anna Van Helsing- Monster Huntress

Here is to girl power! This slot brings everything from the vampire huntress Anna, to Dracula himself, and monsters that lurk in the edge of the darkness. Afraid yet? No, we are not either. This game is set to be released in the last week of April, and quite frankly we are super excited and down for it.

Brought to you by, they have managed to superbly recreate the story of Dracula, with a narrative that differentiates from the usual ‘Knight saves the day’. No, this time it’s all for the girls and you will be able to join Anna in her attempt to rid the world of Dracula, once and for all.

So, what are the features within the game, you ask? You will find that there are frequent uses of sticky wilds and expanding wilds as you play the slot game. There are even opportunities for a bonus re-spin, that you can be awarded, should you be lucky to land the special Anna symbol during your gameplay. The re-spin feature is awarded to you, after you manage to land the Wolves symbol in your reel. You can get more than one per reel, meaning that can give you a multiple of re-spins all at once. You will be able to land Dracula wilds too, and if you and one on reel 3, that is where your entire reel will expand and transform to award you some winning combinations of higher value symbols.

Fire Joker Freeze

Play’n Go brings you their latest game, to be released within a week’s time. This game will have you battling different temperatures, all in the aid of being able to take your reels for a spin. This game is classified as a simple classical slot, with its 3 x 3 set up. However, do not worry here, there is plenty to keep you busy, despite all of this. Just to be clear, there will be two themes that integrate within your gaming experience. First and foremost, you will be able to play in fire mode, and then the ice mode is available too.

Despite the game being a classical slot, you will still be able to play with bonus features such as wilds and re-spins, alongside multiplier symbols that can give you 20x your stake. There is a feature that will freeze up your reels, and should manage to get wild, during that period, you will no longer be frozen out, but in fact be able to qualify for a re-spin for no pay up, from your side at all. Yup, a turn completely free!

What is really quirky about this game is, in whichever theme you play in, there are different wild symbols, and higher value symbols integrated. You will find that the slot developers took great time and attention to make a classical slot game, super intriguing and exciting to play with. You may be pleased to hear of the jackpot that is up for grabs, when you play. If you are of the lucky few, you will be able to nab a 1000x your stake jackpot. Of course, being that the slot is of medium Volatility, you will find that you have to be extremely lucky to land a jackpot on your first go of this game. Yet, you never know do you?

This slot comes in at an RTP of 96.18%, making it above average to play, however being that there are two active themes for you to play, the RTP can be 94.20% when you play the Freeze option within the game too.