How To Choose An Online Casino

By: “Vegas Vic” – Victor H. Royer

While the United States is still struggling with online gaming, the rest of the world is also experiencing difficulties. In the UK, as Brexit begins it’s two-year divorce from the EU, the Prime Minister recently stated categorically that Britain will not give up on Gibraltar. This has meaning for online gaming, because many online gaming companies are based in, and licensed through, Gibraltar.

On the other side of the Pond, in Australia, the new government there is poised to outlaw online gaming altogether, and place other, additional, restrictions on gaming as well. This has had a chilling affect on game manufacturers, as well as casino operators – particularly online casino companies.

Why the Australians are making such asinine decisions is, of course, beyond me, as well as beyond the understanding of everyone else – at least those who accept the world of the 21st century, and are interested in thriving and living in our times, as opposed to those legislators in Australia who – so it appears – are trying to take the country back to the dark ages of stupidity and ignorance.

Good News

But there is good news for online players, so don’t fret! ~ Online Casinos are thriving in the UK, even under the recent revamping of the various regulations that control the operations of online casinos in the UK, and those that have their sites open to UK players. And that is truly good news, even though there are other, new, challenges in that as well.

For example: How does one choose from among the many NEW online casinos which are now thriving in the UK online casino market?

Well, one way is to access the online casino database, which then helps players find the different casinos that are available for play, and also provides a clear path to understanding what they are about, and what they are offering.

The other challenge for new players are, of course, the Bonuses.

Almost every online casinos offers a range of Bonuses to their players, and – most importantly – great Bonuses to NEW payers. That’s an important consideration, if you are looking to sign up for a new online casino account.

While players in the USA are still mired in governmental issues and other related problems, this is most definitely NOT so for casinos in the UK, who are well organized, regulated, and secured by the British Government. Consequently, the only real issue for new players there is: Just what kinds of special deals and Bonuses can I get? And where? And how do they work?

If you’ve been following my articles, and my writings, you know that I have often written about these matters, and how everything is, and has been, changing – especially in the UK online world, and market. I’ve had the good fortune to participate in the business of online gaming not only through London, and Gibraltar, but also elsewhere in the world where online gaming is welcome, as indeed it will soon be in the USA, as well.

But it can become a daunting task, when looking into, and researching, the various offers, opportunities, and sites, where information can be obtained, and gathered, particularly for online casino Bonuses. It’s not an easy task to find them all, and then understand what they truly are, how to get them, and still have the sense of security that comes from knowing which are the better online casinos sites, and why.

Your own research, of course, and your own decisions in these matter are, naturally, entirely up to you. But I know for a fact that there are sites available to you where you can find a collection of such information all in one place, and that’s another thing I like about the UK online casinos – and the way that the business there, in England, is so arranged and organized. Brexit notwithstanding, I think the future for online casinos in the UK is bright, and – soon – we here in the USA should also be able to play there as well.

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So, until next time, this is Vegas Vic saying – See you in the Casino, and Best of Luck!