VIDEO – Barry Manilow Media Night Show

(Producers Notes) I attended the Media opening for the new Barry Manilow show at the Westgate Hotel and Casino. What can I say other than AMAZING! This man is 75 years old and ran around the stage, danced, played the piano and sang like a 30-year-old. ALL NIGHT!!! But as he says, “Age does not matter — unless you’re a banana!” He also looks good and his voice is still great! And all those songs… well, way too many hits for just one show!

He starts off with “It’s a Miracle.” “Hi, up there in the balcony!” he shouts to the balcony people. The balcony is only open for the Super Bowl and Barry Manilow. He asks “Where did the melodies go? They are right here tonight! We have loads of melodies.” Yes, he is right when he briefly talks about how music today, although very good, has lost the idea of melodies and meaningful words.

He tells the story of his Russian immigrant Grandparents and his Grandfather taking him downtown every week to record him singing as a small child. His Grandfather saw the music talent in Barry as a small boy. Very heart warming!

A 3-D session, complete with 3-D glass, followed for “This is My Town,” and we take an 3-D arial tour of New York. “Superman, eat your heart out!” Manilow yelled as we fly through the New York harbor, Statue of Liberty, the tall buildings of Manhattan and out to Yankee Stadium and Coney Island.

My favorite digital effect was when he sang “Weekend in New England”, the stage became a sea of water. Very pretty!

This is one of the best shows in Las Vegas and well worth the time to enjoy with friends or someone you care about!