Video – Las Vegas to Mesquite, Nevada On Interstate 15 Dashcam

(Producers Notes) The drive out of Las Vegas, headed north, is one of my favorite desert landscapes, probably because if I’m there, I’m usually just starting on some great vacation. And that’s exactly what I was doing when I recorded this video, on I-15 headed north, from Vegas to Mesquite near the Arizona state line. Enjoy the drive!

(Our Notes) Mesquite, Nevada and the Virgin River Gorge is an awesome 3/4 day trip from Las Vegas! (The drive is only an hour to Mesquite). The Gorge is one of the most spectacular Interstate Highway drives in the U.S. (NOT shown on the video) and Mesquite’s 3 casinos will give you that “Vegas in the 90’s” feel with friendly people, great food prices, and low limit, fun gambling!