Video – Flamingo’s Wildlife Habitat At The Flamingo Hotel Casino On Las Vegas Strip

(Producers Notes) Flamingo’s Wildlife Habitat at the Flamingo Hotel Casino on Las Vegas Strip. Touted as one of the most unique and beloved attractions in Las Vegas, Flamingo’s Wildlife Habitat is a serene paradise. It is conveniently free of charge and open to the public daily. Nestled on the Flamingo hotel’s lush 15-acre grounds, the Habitat is stocked with exotic birds, fish and turtles.

A highlight is the Flamingo Island, home to a beautiful flock of Chilean flamingos. A colorful collection of other feathered friends such as Ring Tealed ducks and Sacred Ibis fascinate guests and populate the Habitat. In addition to our namesake, you’ll find swans, ducks, koi fish and turtles living at the Habitat. Two brown pelicans joined us from a pelican rescue in 2012.

All animals are carefully maintained. The species frolic on islands and streams surrounded by sparkling waterfalls and foliage. Spot hummingbirds zipping to their feeders, snap a few pictures of signature flamingos and watch the water animals at feeding time. The Habitat is an idyllic stop among the buzzing city boulevard and LINQ district just a few steps away.