The Mindy Burger By Mindy Kaling Benefiting Pancreatic Cancer Action Network Being Served At Umami Burger At SLS Las Vegas

Umami Burger introduced the most recent collaboration in the Artist Series, Mindy Kaling’s “The Mindy Hamburger” benefitting Pancreatic Cancer Action Network.

“Mindy Kaling is a brilliant comedic talent, simultaneously fearless, sharp and approachable,” said Paul Clayton, CEO of Umami Burger. “Her culinary talents have a similar sensibility. The Mindy Burger will be popular with food lovers everywhere.”

The Mindy Burger features Umami Burger’s signature beef patty capped with pickled jalape?o, fried onion strings, and house-made Sriracha Aioli on Umami Burger’s signature bun. It will be readily available for $13 beginning September 1, 2015, at participating Umami Burger locations countrywide.

Mindy Kaling added, “I love Umami and I was so honored to be able to create my own burger. Spicy and cheesy, it reflects my own personality.”

Mindy Kaling lives in Los Angeles and is currently filming her hit series, “The Mindy Project.” Kaling recently announced a national book tour for her second book, “Why Not Me?,” a follow up to her beloved New York Times bestselling book, “Is Everyone Hanging Out With Me?”

A dollar from each burger is going to be contributed towards the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network. Pancreatic cancer is among the nation’s most harmful cancer, having a five-year rate of survival of just 7 %. Located in Manhattan Beach, California, the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network has set an objective to double pancreatic cancer survival by 2020 through good research, patient support, community outreach, and advocacy for any cure. The Pancreatic Cancer Action Network provides numerous assets, and education for patients and families coping with the condition.

Named “Burger of the Year” by GQ Magazine, Umami Burger produces unique burgers highlighting the fifth savory taste sense known as, umami. Much like sweet, sour, salty and bitter, Umami is really a taste sensation present in certain elements that can help help make your meal much more enjoyable. Umami Burger produces all its very own condiments, cheeses, and grinds its meat in-house during the day. All the beef hamburgers are created with hand ground, hand created premium steak. The result is a classy, tightly edited choice of burgers, sides and accompaniments. A nationwide phenomenon, Umami Hamburger includes a devoted popularity among food enthusiasts all over the world.

Season Four of “The Mindy Project” premieres Tuesday, September 15 on Hulu. “Why Not Me?” will also be available for digital download and in bookstores on September 15.

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