Local Artists’ “Defiantly Inspired” Photography Exhibit Displayed At Delano Las Vegas

Delano Vegas continues its celebration of local artists with installing “Defiantly Inspired” by Vegas photography enthusiasts Robert Knight and Maryanne Bilham.

Defiantly Inspired At Delano
Inspired by rock ‘n’ roll stories and emerging music talent, “Defiantly Inspired” combines bold music artists using the timeless beauty of the desert to produce compelling portraits.

?As Delano Las Vegas marks its one-year anniversary this month, we wanted celebrate our surrounding community by showcasing the work of local artists which is a pillar of the Delano brand,? said Matthew Chilton, general manager of Delano. ?We felt the ?Defiantly Inspired? collection made perfect sense with its combination of iconic pop culture subjects and desert influences.?

Knight and Bilham have resided in Vegas in excess of ten years and consistently make an effort to incorporate their affection for the desert to their art. ?Defiantly Inspired? features both legendary and up-and-coming music artists worldwide including Robert Plant, Jimi Hendrix, LORDE, Amanda Hardy and much more.

The interactive exhibition features a complimentary audio tour explaining a brief history and technique behind each piece. Using the mobile application LAYAR, visitors should scan each photograph to listen to about its story as they stroll with the hotel lobby.

The installation is displayed now through September 30.

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