The 2014 Game Awards In Las Vegas

by Robert W. Oliver II

The fast-paced excitement of the video game world will meet with the pulse-pounding, immersive experience that only Las Vegas can offer. On Friday, December 5th, video gamers will descend on sin city for the first annual Game Awards, hosted in the AXIS theater at Planet Hollywood.

The video game industry and Las Vegas seem like a match made in heaven. Video gamers are notorious for all-night marathon sessions, deeply involved in vivid, dynamic fantasy worlds, competing for titles, pride, and prizes. Vegas offers visitors much the same thing in reality: exciting and richly rewarding experiences that last a lifetime in a 24/7 city that simply doesn’t know the meaning of game over.

The event will feature world premiers of upcoming titles and is sponsored by Valve and Rockstar Games. In addition, the Game Awards will have honored guest Hideo Kojima, creator of Metal Gear. It will be Mr. Kojima’s first ever visit to Las Vegas!

Among the exciting events planned is an award ceremony where titles and developers will be chosen by the 2014 Game Awards jury for prestigious accolades like game of the year, developer of the year, best independent game, best family game, and best mobile game. Fans will have their say with Fan’s Choice Awards, choosing the most anticipated title, best fan creation, and eSports player of the year.

The event is led by industry giants like Eric Hirshberg, CEO of Activision, Peter Moore, COO of Electronic Arts, and Phil Spencer, head of Xbox at Microsoft.

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