10 Places to Visit in Las Vegas

VIDEO – Top 10 Places to Visit in Las Vegas

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(Video Publishers Notes) Here are the Top 10 Places to Visit in Las Vegas. It’s my very own countdown of every thing I’ve shown you in 2021!

In just this year, I’ve shown about 200 places to go visit, eat, or tour. That’s insane! This is also my end of the year video, but its the Top 10 Places, Restaurants, Bars, Attractions in Las Vegas. Plus all my favorite bloopers of the year. In this list I showing you places from not just from the Strip, but from Downtown Las Vegas and Local Las Vegas.

The places I’m showing you are Le Macaron, Maverick Helicopters, Letty’s, Skyfall, Matteo’s, Border Grill, Chandelier Bar, Circa, Area 15, Guerilla Pizza. If you are going to visit anywhere in Vegas, It’s these places. Enjoy!