VIDEO – Visiting one of the Top Buffets in Vegas – Wynn’s Seafood Buffet

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(Video Publishers Notes) On my last night in Vegas, I got a chance to explore and decided to visit another top Vegas Buffet. I’ve always found that the Bacchanal Buffet at Caesars and the Buffet at the Wynn are always the contenders for the top buffets on the Vegas Strip. I have visited the Bacchanal buffet on this visit, but have not yet tried the Wynn buffet. I’m curious to know if it’s just as good as before or maybe even better! …is the Wynn better than the Bacchanal? There’s only one way to fine out.

I made a trip over to the Wynn to attend their weekend seafood dinner buffet. Generally, I choose the weekend dinner as they tend to have the most item and selections to showcase, and this was certainly the case! Along with the array of roasted meats with luscious prime rib and bbq, seafood selections with crab and whole fish, it was their specials stations stood out! Freshly made tacos and warm comforting made to order noodles were very satisfying.

I recall in the past that the Wynn came in a close second to the Bacchanal, and that has remained unchanged. Still and amazing buffet and you won’t be disappointed; it looks like the Wynn and Vegas are up and running, better than ever!