VIDEO – What $40 Will Get You In LAS VEGAS For A Day

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(Video Publishers Notes) Here’s how to only spend $40 in a day in Las Vegas. You won’t believe how much we do.

It’s happened to many of us, you come to Las Vegas ready to have fun, maybe gamble a little bit, but instead you end up gambling a lot and now you barely have any money left for the rest of your vacation. Or maybe you have been dying to come to Vegas but you don’t want to spend to much money. Either way, this video is for you. Las Vegas should be all about happy thoughts and having fun, not worrying about your credit card statement or how you won’t be able to spend once you get back home.

Please make sure you watch the whole video but in this video I’ll be spending my money on the bus, a new bagel spot, some pinball machines, pizza, cheap beer, a Vegas souvenir, a burger, more cheap beer, and a special surprise at the end. Hope you enjoy!