VIDEO – Must Do Hikes In Vegas! Plus Healthy Food Spots

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(Video Publishers Notes) Here’s some of the MUST DO HIKES in Las Vegas. Plus 3 awesome healthy food spots to bring food on a hike. It’s spring and summer is around the corner, so we better be ready. I always get asked how I stay so skinny even though my Youtube Channel is mainly about food. Well, I am still human, so I too have to eat healthy and exercise. So instead of going to the gym, let’s enjoy the beautiful weather and go on a hike. Las Vegas summers are pretty brutal, so we have to enjoy this spring weather while we can. I know most people know Las Vegas only for the Strip, but there are many other visitors that know there’s so much to do outdoors. I will be taking you on 3 different hikes that aren’t too far away. Please make sure to keep watching, but I’m taking you to Lone Mountain Trail, Ice Box Canyon Trail in Red Rock Canyon, and Gold Strike Hot Springs Trail. I hope you enjoy, and do hike at your own risk.