The Future Of Electronic Table Games And Slots In Las Vegas

The casino gambling floor in Las Vegas is rapidly changing. Inflation in the
United States and COVID-related labor shortages, plus the pent-up demand for
vacation travel, has lead to dramatic increases in table game minimums.

Casinos are dealing with this in two ways:

1. We are seeing a rise in “Stadium” gaming. This is where one dealer runs a
game which can have up to 100 participants gambling electronically. Seated in
raked “stadium-style” seating like you would find at a sporting event or

Many of these set-ups have multiple games available at once to bet on. So, one
may (for example) play blackjack and roulette at the same time!

This also allows a group of friends to participate in the same gambling
activity together. Without trying to find a table game which has an adequate
number of spaces open for everyone in their group.

2. Actual, traditional table game electronic variations are expanding to the
casino floor. These let players bet electronically, thus easing dealer
responsibilities or allowing a craps game to operate with only one dealer.
While still allowing for a “live gambling” experience, and the ability for
players to take turns rolling the dice at craps.

Some of these games can also be switched to total automation so that they can
operate without a dealer present.

Mobile gaming is expanding as well. Imagine being able to participate in a live
roulette game, while out by the pool, in your hotel room, or in another part of
the resort.

Sports betting apps have become immensely popular as well. Not only relieving
the player from having to stand in line to place their bests, but allowing
“in-game” wagering. Where a player can bet on the outcome of the very next play
or short-term proposition bets.

Which is also getting customers more used to gambling on their devices, even
while they are actually in a casino. While not at a casino gambling location, many take advantage of the opportunity to gamble at places like RTG online casinos, which offer a variety of casino varieties and offers to those who are not at a casino location.

Slot machines continue to get even larger and more immersive. Including games
and machines that mimic having a “skill-based” outcome depending on the
ability or talent of the player in a certain area.

At this time, the only slot machine type of game where skill actually plays a
factor in your wins and losses is video poker. Learning and implementing proper
strategy to play the hand dealt to you, and taking into account the type of pay
table the video poker machine has, will allow a player to win more often.