VIDEO – The Coolest and Weirdest Place in Las Vegas – AREA 15

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(Video Publishers Notes) Here’s the Coolest, most Weirdest place in all of Las Vegas! It’s out of this world….

Area 15 celebrates their 1 year anniversary this September, and they sure have come a long way since day one. I still remember the first time I walked in there, it was pretty empty and most of their experiences weren’t even open.

Today, they have a line out the door and what feels like a infinite amount of experiences throughout Area 15. There’s lots to do, from shopping, coffee, ice cream, restaurants, bars, lounges, festivals, virtual reality, and some really awesome experiences.

So today I am here to help and explain every corner of Area 15. We’re going to see Brainstorm, Particle Quest, Birdly, Oz Experience, Dueling Axes, The Sanctuary, Rocket Fizz, The Portal, Haley’s Comet, Five Iron Golf, Wink World, Museum Fiasco, Emporium, Virtualis, Omega Mart, and more.