VIDEO – Luxor Las Vegas – Incredible Experiences Inside the Pyramid

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(Producers Notes) Almost all of the graphic designs and postcards depicting Las Vegas include the iconic shape of the Luxor pyramid – it’s recognized around the world for its gorgeous black glass exterior, and of course for that Sky Beam that can be seen from space. But what’s inside the pyramid? Come with us on this Las Vegas Inside & Out adventure, where we explore the Luxor from all corners, and discover varied and unique options for dining and entertainment.

Mexican? Try Diablo’s Cantina. Fresh Pan-Asian? Go for Rice & Company. A perfectly aged steak? Tender Steakhouse has a table for you. Need a latte? There are three, count ’em, three Starbucks locations!

And if you want to see a show, you can tour the Titanic and Bodies Exhibitions during the day, spend an hour at the HyperX Esports Arena, book a seat for Carrot Top or Blue Man Group in the evening, and then indulge yourself at Fantasy for your late-night entertainment. And you can’t miss R.U.N., the exciting new Cirque show with a thriller of a plot. Luxor has it all! Join us for this extensive walkthrough of the Luxor property on the Las Vegas Strip.