VIDEO – Las Vegas Lion Habitat

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(Producers Notes) Hey guys! Welcome back to Wooo Vegas As always we hope you guys are staying safe out there, We open up our first video of 2021, with a tour of the Lion habitat Ranch located here in Henderson Nevada.

These lions are no joke some of them reaching up to 600lbs. Eating more then 10,000 dollars a year in food. The lion habitat ranch is home to 31 lions and relies on the public to help keep them well fed and taken care of. It is also home to Nevada’s only giraffe, also named Ozzie, although there is a slight height difference between the two Ozzies, the spelling is the same tho.

Ozzie (human Ozzie) and I visited the lion habitat a few years back when giraffe Ozzie was just a baby, he was painting abstract art back then and hasn’t stopped sense, make sure to stop by the art gallery on your way out of the ranch to purchase some of Ozzies art, We Did!