VIDEO – Downtown Fremont Street? Day or Night

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(Producers Notes) Downtown Las Vegas, Fremont Street, Old Vegas… Whatever you choose to call it, most every one will tell you to only go at night, but the truth is, there is so much you can do in Downtown Las Vegas at any hour of the day. Fremont Street itself is always entertaining and just walking through all the hotels in the Fremont Street Experience is fun enough.

Every thing is cheaper down in Old Vegas, but cheaper doesn’t mean it’s bad. It is so historic and at times you literally feel like you are back in the 1900’s. Discover all the amazing restaurants, bars, museums, casinos, and even wander off to Fremont East for something that most locals prefer.

Here is the list of all the locations I went to, but make sure to still check out the video for some better visuals.

  • Downtown Terrace
  • Art Murals
  • Mob Museum
  • Market Street Café
  • Park on Fremont
  • Viva Vision