VIDEO – Las Vegas McCarran Airport Tour Nov 2020 – What It’s Like Flying in Vegas Right Now!

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(Producers Notes) #Vegas #McCarran International #Airport is one of the busiest airports in the country during normal times. It serves its purpose bringing people to/from the largest tourist destination in the United States and in my opinion is one of the easiest and nicest domestic airports.

McCarran is also my home airport and one I spend A LOT of time in. During normal times I am in an airplane very very often and thus I have grown to love my home airport including its lounges, quirks and ease of getting in and out of. In this Las Vegas airport tour you’ll not only see what it is like right now plus what it is like to fly, but I’ll also show you around to some of the cooler areas including the brand new Resorts World model, smoking areas and the international flex gates which recently opened. There was a ton going on at McCarran International Airport for my Sunday morning flight so I think you’ll enjoy it.