Legal Marijuana in Las Vegas: Great Insights to Know

Unlike some states, which have prohibited the sale and use of marijuana, Nevada has legalized it. With little hassle and interference from the authorities, you can buy and use cannabis products and enjoy them here. This became possible after the state legalized the use of recreational and medical marijuana in 2017.

However, there are still control measures that are put in place by Nevada law. There is a limit on how much marijuana and marijuana products people can carry. Not everyone is allowed to grow their own weed. This is reserved only for licensed growers and manufacturers.

The Background of Marijuana in Las Vegas

The first major attempt to legalize marijuana in Nevada was in 1998. Almost 60% of the people voted in favor of legalizing medical marijuana. Since 2 different ballots are needed before amending a law, voting was repeated in the year 2000, and again, 65% of the electorate voted in favor of medical marijuana.

Since then, CBD and THC from marijuana have been in use to treat and manage conditions like HIV, cancer, seizures, and many other illnesses. Also, CBD from hemp is used alongside these. Actually, you can read more about this content online since Nevada authorities have published a lot of this information.

In 2016, a vote on the use of recreational marijuana was held, and it passed. Accordingly, people here have enjoyed the freedom to use marijuana freely since 2017. Some other states that have legalized marijuana are Illinois, California, and Colorado to mention a few.

Who Can Buy Marijuana in Las Vegas?

Not just anyone is allowed to buy marijuana or its products in the state. You have to be over 21 years old. Thus, web shops and brick and mortar marijuana shops must confirm that this is indeed your minimum age before they sell it to you. Most shops will ask for an ID, DL, or passport before any transaction can take place.

However, there are some challenges as teenagers can be seen enjoying recreational marijuana. This leaves the government with tough work to deal with backstreet drug peddlers who supply it to young people without any concern. Luckily, the authorities are curbing this effectively, and the rate of illegal distribution is declining.

Medical Marijuana Cards in Las Vegas

Although this is no longer necessary to purchase marijuana, most people use it to get a 10% discount on marijuana products. It is a prudent idea to consult with health experts before using your card. They will give you a prescription so that you know what you should buy, how to use it, and why it is important.

Another crucial thing to note is that medical insurance in Las Vegas might not cover marijuana products. As such, having the card or not is not an issue. The reason why insurance companies do not cover medical marijuana products is that national authorities still recognize marijuana as a restricted substance.


If you live in Las Vegas and are over 21 years old, you can enjoy marijuana for leisure or medical reasons without the interference of the authorities. The most important thing is not to abuse these products as this might create some psychological challenges. On the other hand, responsible use will deliver benefits associated with CBD and THC.