VIDEO – Golden Nugget Pool Las Vegas H2O

(Producers Notes) I ventured out to the Golden Nugget Pool Called H2O in Las Vegas on the Fremont strip. Fremont is “the old” strip of Vegas hotels and Casinos. The Golden Nugget is one of those classic casino resorts which has an awesome pool now.

The shark tank is a massive aquarium tank right through the center of the swimming pool. The shark tank also has a water slide run right through the middle of it! The shark tank is remarkable to look at, whether you’re looking from under a waterfall in the sun, or through the cave which seems to brighten the tank to discover all of the sharks and other marine life within. There are loungers and at least two bars. Patrons who are not staying at the Golden Nugget are welcome to visit the pool for a small fee.

On the second story is private rented cabana beds where you can overlook the pool action and get some privacy and space. The third story contains the entrance to the waterslide and a small additional “adults only” pool with a bar called the Hideout. Come along with me while I sunbathe, swim, check out the pool grounds, walk the Fremont strip, and stare at the awesome shark tank at the Golden Nugget pool!