5 Surprising Tourist Attractions That Make Las Vegas A Favored Destination

If you’re planning a long or short vacation, or even, a weekend getaway with fun, entertainment, and the opportunity to let down your hair, Las Vegas is the place to be. But, if you’ve always connected “The Strip” with gambling, drinking, and perhaps, business conventions, think again! Because, the city has a whole range of tourist attractions that make it perfect for any kind of traveler. According to surveys conducted by Statista, close to 39.01 million people visited Las Vegas in the year 2017. And, the city is the most favored tourist destination for Americans for 2018.

Should you check the top lists of things to do in Las Vegas from TripAdvisor, USNews, TimeOut, or Thrillist, you will learn that the city can also be an exciting place for a family vacation or for rest and relaxation. You will be able to find a range of museum, theme parks with rides, and aquariums that kids will love to visit. The city also has a mind-boggling array of medspas that offer you a range of treatments that can rejuvenate your mind and body, and send you back home looking like a fabulous goddess. Here is a quick list of the fun and interesting tourist attractions that “The Strip” is famous for.

New York-New York Hotel Casino Las Vegas

1. Rejuvenation at a Medspa

Medspas in today’s times are more than just massages, aromatherapy, and overall wellness. Stopover at a Medspa in Las Vegas and sign up for some of the treatments they have available. For instance, try the medical grade chemical peels, injectables, or Ultherapy sessions that can whisk away the years from your skin. Are you looking for some procedure that can revive your body cells and take away the aches and pains? Spend some time in the HVAC Hypobaric Chamber. Try body contouring to trim the last vestiges left over from your healthy diet and exercise or sign up for the customized weight loss program that takes your lifestyle, likes and dislikes into account. In short, the Medspas are your one-stop destination for complete beauty and fitness.

2. Get a Quick Glimpse of Different Cities

Have you always dreamed of visiting Venice or New York? You can now experience the charm of these cities with a single stop – at Las Vegas. Among the many tourist attractions of the city is a slice of Venice recreated at The Venetian Casino and Grand Canal. Enjoy the songs of the street singers or watch the stilt walkers towering above the streets. Get a startling experience when one of the living statues starts to move or sign up for a romantic gondola ride on the Grand Canal. You could also shop at the many stores or visit Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum.

Like the USNews advises, why spend thousands of dollars flying across the pond to the “Queen of the Adratic” when you can simply drive to it? And, if traveling across the country the east coast isn’t something you want to do, visit New York City in Las Vegas. Enjoy the ambience of the Big Apple complete with the pizzerias, Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge, and Empire State Building. Want to have a honeymoon in Paris, the “City of Love?” Las Vegas gives you the whole experience – in the heart of Nevada.

Attractions Perfect for a Family Vacation

3. Attractions Perfect for a Family Vacation

If you’re visiting Las Vegas with family, you absolutely must visit the Cirque du Soleil, one of the most incredible displays of acrobatic feats in the world. The show showcases various cultural and natural facets that will awe and enchant the kids. Aside from this tourist attraction, you can also take your kids on a ride aboard the High Roller Observation Wheel for a bird’s eyeview of the city. Allow them to play on the sands of a faux beach at the Mandalay Bay and do take them to Shark’s Reef. TripAdvisor describes this awesome aquarium as having more than 2,000 sea creatures including sharks, sawfish, stingrays, turtles, piranha, and many others. Before you tuck the kids in for the night, take them to the Bellagio to witness the superb fountains, a charismatic display of light and water choreography.

4. Treat for Thrill-Seekers

Have you been looking for tourist attractions that get your adrenaline racing and blood pumping? Las Vegas has plenty of those. And, no. We’re not talking about the gaming tables. Attend the SPEEDVEGAS racing events that treat you to the stunning horsepower of the top car brands of the world including Audis, Corvettes, Ferraris, Jaguars, and Lamborghinis.

5. Mecca for Nature Lovers and Conservationists

Las Vegas offers you the delightful combination of the ultra-modern with neon lights and glamour mixed with the stunning natural beauty of the Mojave Desert with its picturesque red hills. Drive the short distance of 13 miles and you will be transported into a world that seems utterly far removed from the glitz of the city. Explore the Red Rock Canyon and revel in its heart-rending beauty. Keep in mind that the locale has hiking trails that are well-suited for both novice and experienced hikers and bikers. So strap on those boots, grab enough hydration and immerse yourself in the charms of nature. If the vistas of the desert have whetted your appetite for more, you must take a trip to the Hoover Dam, another of the most famous tourist attractions of Las Vegas.

“I didn’t know Las Vegas had all that!” Is that what you’re thinking? Do a bit of homework and you will be surprised and delighted at everything “The Strip” has to offer you. Have you always equated the city with casinos, glamour, neon lights and a town that always pulsates with high energy and excitement? The next time you visit, check out the other tourist attractions of the city. You will return rejuvenated in mind, body, and spirit.