Video – Las Vegas Vacation Tips: Where To Find Food Trucks On The Strip

(Producers Notes) Here is an interesting Las Vegas vacation tip for you. Although Vegas is known for having world class restaurants with celebrity chefs, we also have some good and affordable food trucks right here on Las Vegas Blvd. At the north end of the strip on 2955 Las Vegas Blvd. is Street Food Park Food Court where there are a couple of food trucks to choose from. There is an Indian food truck and a Mexican food truck available.

The location is open 24 hours a day. What you do is you go inside of the small building to make your order, you pick up your food from the food truck window, and there is a small area inside the building where you can sit and eat your food. So if you are a person who absolutely loves to eat from a good food truck, then just take this tip with you as you plan your next Las Vegas vacation! Please stay tuned for more Las Vegas vacation tips to come in the future!