Westgate Las Vegas Resort Announces Wireless Streaming In Guest Rooms – Your Hulu, Pandora Available In Room

Westgate Vegas Resort & Casino has joined with Hotel Internet Services for installing its BeyondTV Wireless Streaming Player, permitting visitors to see the web, live TV, video-on-demand, personal media sharing, Internet radio and social networking via their guest room TV or personal mobile products while remaining in the resort.

Visitors at Westgate Las Vegas can observe their personal activated content for example Pandora and Hulu on their accommodation TV. Additionally visitors also get access to amenities including bookings, health spa, restaurants, transportation, in room dining and much more. This state-of-the-art system allows visitors to see their very own videos, movies and photos or listen to their personal music safely on BeyondTV, replicating an at-home experience not presently offered at any other property.

?At Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino we are always looking to be on the cutting edge for all that we offer our guests,? stated David Siegel, CEO of Westgate Resorts. ?We are proud to be the first-ever hotel to provide our guests with the revolutionary BeyondTV in-room entertainment system.?

With the help of the BeyondTV system, visitors is going to be permitted to select from two different wireless speeds on property, Turbo and Ultra Turbo. The greater speed option streams at speeds as high as 15 Megabyte per second.

Installation was already carried out greater than 1,000 from the resort’s guest rooms and it is slated to become carried out the rest of the 2,000 rooms this Spring.

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