Video – Railroad Tunnels Hoover Dam Night Hike Las Vegas Lake Mead

Railroad tunnel trail is a small portion of the 30 mile long River Mtns trail system. A haven for mountain bikers is Bootleg Canyon, west of this tunnel trail — a dream come true within a protected big horn sheep area, with views of the lake, valleys & peaks. This tunnel trail follows the elevated RR bed used to haul supplies used in construction of Hoover Dam 1931 – 1935.

The tracks continued in use until 1961, dismantled in 1962, and added to Natl Register of Historic Places in 1984. Since converted to bicycle/hiking trail (no horses on this portion), it is a easy, level, wide gravel walk for tourists and beginners; hiking under 5 tunnels, which are each 300′ long and 25′ in diameter. The 5th tunnel was opened in 2001, and this trail will eventually go all the way to Hoover Dam. End of trail is located directly under the Lakeview Point scenic overlook (reached by Hwy 93, W of dam), just before the security checkpoint and maintenance yard. Dry & Hot!