Bellagio’s Botanical Gardens Highlights a Picturesque Display Honoring Chinese New Year

Bellagio’s Conservatory & Botanical Gardens invites visitors to celebrate Chinese Year having a captivating display commemorating the entire year from the Yang, now through March 15. Introduced to existence by 22,000 flowers in vibrant hues of red-colored and gold, the display features a variety of silk-lantern chandeliers and different Asian vignettes that contain aspects of Chinese design.
Bellagio Conservatory Chinese New Year Display

In Chinese along with other Asian cultures, the approaching year may be the celebration of the season from the Yang which concurrently honors the Goat, Sheep and Ram. Having to pay homage towards the variations from the Yang, the Conservatory will recognize the Goat as the Ram is going to be honored elsewhere round the resort.

To recognition the Goat, the focal point from the Conservatory is really a 14-feet-tall grassy mountain. A household of 5 animated goat’s stands happily around the mountaintop, turning their heads to see the gardens below. An Asian home with jade doorknobs peeks out of the mountainside into so it is made. Nearby, water cascades from the mountain right into a pond encircled by citrus trees, bromeliads and cyclamen. Getting luck towards the Conservatory’s site visitors, the West Garden’s front fence has I-Ching coins while a set of extra-large containers capped with incense diffusers are situated round the mountainside.

Within the East Garden, a 12-feet-tall lantern sits atop a pond that holds 21,000 gallons water, live Koi seafood and 4 bonsais perched atop pedestals. Additional illuminated lamps sit within the corners from the garden, casting a gentle red-colored glow around the yellow chrysanthemums and red-colored bromeliads below.

Beneath a moongate wall within the South Garden, three Chinese children, with clothes embellished with 1,000 hands-cut flowers each, dance around a pond encircled by bamboo and trees loaded with lamps. Each night from 4:30 p.m. – 6 p.m., the Vegas-based Beijing Trio works traditional folk and pop music with authentic Chinese instruments.

A Chinese pavilion can serve as the focus from the North Bed where three Chinese children play in the finish of the brick bridge that connects the pavilion towards the lush garden of overflowing bromeliads, red-colored cyclamen and chrysanthemums.

The Chinese New Year exhibit is complimentary and available to the general public 7 days per week, 24 hrs each day.

Chinese New Year Exhibit Fast Facts:
Display dates:
Now through March 15

Total flowers on display:
5,000 stem-cut flowers were used for the Chinese children

Total trees and shrubs on display:

Hanging Chinese Lantern Chandeliers
Diameter – 10-12 feet
Height – 10-12 feet

Chinese Lantern (Center of Pond)
Height – 12 feet
Width – 8 feet

Goat Mountain
Height – 14 feet
Length – 35 feet
Width – 20 feet

Koi Pond
21,000 gallons of water

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