Current January Events And Promotions At PBR Rock Bar & Grill Las Vegas

The Big Game
Sunday, February. 1, 2015 – 1 p.m.

By having an amazing audio system and 105 HDTVs, PBR Rock Bar & Grill may be the premier place to trap the championship of professional football. Hardcore football fans, as well as the main one-game-a-year-just-here-for-the-drinks crowd, can definitely enter into the experience using the best seats around. Sports fans as well as their buddies can reserve Big Game tables that includes open bar, dining and reserved seats. More casual fans can buy tickets for open bar with first-come first-offered seating. Bring old buddies making brand new ones because the Bar, Grill and Patio erupt in cheers to celebrate the win or drink away losing. Tickets for that Big Game could be bought at

Daily Special offers

2-for-1 Beer Pong – 11 a.m. to 9 p.m.
Visitors who purchase one pitcher of Pabst Blue Ribbon (PBR) for beer pong will receive a second pitcher for a game title of pong around the house. Tables and ping-pong balls are supplied pitchers of PBR cost $22 each.

Drinking Games – All day long, every single day!
Stay in in the bar and pick your poison – then mind to our many consuming games and experience again the traditional years! Beer pong, switch-cup, chess, checkers, battleship, Jenga – we’ve first got it all! Visitors have the effect of buying their very own alcohol – games can have fun with a glass or two of preference.

Beer Towers – All day long, every single day!
Just for $35, why don’t you bring the faucet for your table? 100-ounce personal beer tower helps make the perfect focal point for just about any gathering.


Monday Night Football Jersey Giveaway – 5:30 p.m.
PBR Rock Bar & Grill can give away one formally-licensed professional football jersey for every team symbolized in every Monday evening professional football showdown to some lucky fan every Monday evening. Simply buy a Ketel One cocktail or 100 oz. beer tower to become instantly joined to win!

Beer Pong Tournament – 9 p.m.
Wish to profit from what you truly learned on college? Mind to PBR Rock Bar for that Beer Pong Tournament every Monday evening at 9 p.m.! $500 in cash awards is going to be granted towards the gamers, along with a $25 open bar is within effect until 2 a.m.


Karaoke Evening – 10 p.m.
On Tuesday nights, PBR Rock Bar visitors would be the stars! Visitors can grab a bite and rock the mic with PBR Rock Bar Karaoke, and relish the scene as fellow crooners, rockers and celebrities take to the level in crazy karaoke action. Grab a glass or two, saddle up, and allow the karaoke begin!


Ladies’ Evening – 9 p.m. to at least 1 a.m.
We recognition the beautiful ladies of Vegas every Thursday evening from 9 p.m. to at least one a.m. A simple $5 cover will get ladies use of $1 Pinnacle Vodka drinks through the night. So whether for an inexpensive drink, or perhaps a cheap date, we’ve first got it covered.


#SocialSundays – 9 p.m. to at least 1 a.m.
Follow PBR Rock Bar & Grill on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram for immediate use of a $20 open bar weekly evening from 9 p.m. to at least 1 a.m.

The Axis Discount
10 % off for Concert-Goers
Clients who present their Jeff Dunham or Britney Spears ticket stub will get a ten percent discount valid at PBR Rock Bar & Grill.

About PBR Rock Bar & Grill:
PBR Rock Bar & Grill may be the most popular place in Vegas offering ales and bulls in the sprawling, 16,800-square-feet venue. Open daily from 8 a.m. before the morning hours hrs, with happy hour special offers Monday through Friday from 2 until 6 p.m., PBR Rock Bar & Grill offers visitors hearty, American comfort food and barbecue night and day. Beautiful babes and bad ass bull riders are dared to try to defy gravity on PBR Rock Bar & Grill’s daunting, hydraulic mechanical bull.

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