Primm Nevada Resorts Spa Review

By Guy Champan

No matter where you are, everyone needs a little time for themselves.  When it comes to finding the most relaxing activity, the Spa at Primm Resort is the ideal ticket for someone who just wants to be fully pampered.

They have a number of natural care experiences, ranging from skin care (skin renewals, peels and skin resurfacings), massages, nails (both manicure and pedicure), spa body therapies, and waxing.

The initial atmosphere is set for the utmost in serenity, from the attitudes of the staff, to even the smaller details such as the music and Zen-like pictures placed around the spa.  The entire experience excels in presenting a peaceful and intimate presentation to get into the right mood for relaxation.

The massage experience in particular is an enjoyable selection.  Based on the type of massage you would like to have, sessions can range from 25 to 50 to 75 minutes.  The massage begins by slipping into one of the provided robes and pair of sandals, and emerging yourself into the pre-massage treatment.  This includes a hot tub experience that allows the visitor to soak their troubles away.  This is followed by time in a sauna, where impurities are sweated out thanks to the steam provided by dripping cool water over the hot coals provided within the sauna chamber.  Once you’ve sweated enough, take a brisk dip in the cooling pool to get the most out of the sensations.

Once ready, the therapist will take guests into a comfortably lit room with relaxing music.  Guests can choose to retain their bathing suits or undergarments, or go more “au natural” based upon their personal level of comfort.  For this particular outing, the full-body massage was chosen, which focused on the legs and feet, arms and hands, shoulders, neck, and back.  The following time was lost to a feeling of relaxation and working all of those stiff muscles and tougher kinks out.  The therapist was a complete professional, and didn’t distract the full sensation of enjoyment, allowing the massage to speak for itself.  Every effort is made to maximize the feeling of relieving all of the daily tensions and stresses from the body.

Once the session is over, guests robe again, and return to their secure lockers to slip their regular clothes back on.  To help with getting cleaned up, the bathroom area is fully stocked with hairbrushes and dryers, shaving razors and colognes, to ensure a pleasant and fully groomed return to the “real world”.  This time, however, the “real world” will carry a feeling of being more rejuvenated and refreshed than when guests initially came in.

The Spa at Primm is a total “must do” for those who wish to pamper and spoil themselves for an hour (or longer). For those who just want to use the spa facilities, such as the steam room, sauna, Jacuzzi or gym, the Spa also offers reasonable packages to enjoy just those amenities.  Whatever your preference, The Spa at Primm will provide a memorable experience that will make guests want to return again and again.