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Old-School Showmen Preserve Classic Vegas Glam at Golden Nugget

They’re so old school, even the signs for Clint Holmes and Frankie Moreno inside the Golden Nugget seem like holdovers from another Las Vegas: “Dinner and a show, $35.” Read More

Las Vegas’ Next Big Casino Design May Come From A Woman’s Perspective

The next big design innovation within a casino is likely to come from the perspective of a woman. The reason is simple — it’s never really been done before so it makes sense to mine that perspective for fresh ideas. Read More

5 Slot Myths: Why What You Think You Know Is Wrong

Slot players are simply wrong. Talk to people who study, market and design slot machines, and you quickly realize that many of the ideas players have about their inner workings and how jackpots are paid are myths. Read More

Seasoning Sauces In Starring Role At Hot N Juicy Crawfish On The Strip/Harmon

If you like having to work for each morsel of your meal, crawfish is your dream dish. The namesake offering at Hot N Juicy Crawfish, which has four Las Vegas Valley locations, is tiny, tough to break apart and skimpy on the meat (a hint: look for it in the claws and tail). Fortunately, the chain offers far superior shellfish options, including shrimp, lobster and multiple types of crab and mussels. Read More

Facebook Friends Suggest Best Prime Rib In Las Vegas For National Prime Rib Day

April 27 is National Prime Rib Day and you won’t find better prime rib than what is offered in Las Vegas. In fact, the city is kind of famous for it. Read More

If All Goes As Planned, Prepare To Party In Las Vegas In 2020

If plans come together as envisioned in two top news stories from last week, there’s going to be one serious party in Las Vegas come 2020. Read More

Southwest Airlines Plans To Stop Overselling Flights

Southwest Airlines will stop overselling its flights beginning May 8. The Dallas-based airline, Las Vegas’ busiest commercial air carrier with a 40 percent market share, confirmed the policy change Thursday, the same day it announced slumping first-quarter earnings. Read More

Moto Info: New Site Offers A To Z Guide To Off-Roading In Nevada

Off-road adventures abound in the Silver State, but the majority of residents are skirting the law when they jump into their dune buggies or climb aboard their all-terrain vehicles or dirt bikes. Read More

Downtown Loop: Free Shuttle Service To Connect Outlets, Mob Museum, Pawn Plaza

Downtown Las Vegas is getting another transportation option. Las Vegas City Council on Wednesday unanimously approved $550,000 in funding for a free shuttle service connecting several downtown spots, including the Arts District, Fremont East and the Mob Museum. Read More

You Can Cruise Around Fremont Street With A Bike-Share: 10,000 Rides In, RTC Reveals Who’s Using Downtown’s Bike Share

Kelly Fairchild has used bike share to get from Container Park to the Downtown Grand more times than he can count. But last Thursday was special. On that day, an employee of the Regional Transportation Commission, which owns and operates the system, was waiting for him at the docking station with balloons, a gift certificate and cupcakes. Read More