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‘Jukebox’ Plays For Another Two Years For Human Nature

It was an odd fit, at first: A quartet of Australian gentlemen singing Motown hits on the Las Vegas Strip, in an Asian-themed hotel-casino showroom. Human Nature has always and joked about how its lineage hasn’t always matched its musical style, or surroundings. But Andrew and Michael Tierney, Phil Burton and Toby Allen are very Vegas these days, Strip veterans as headliners at Sands Showroom at The Venetian. Read More

White Castle Opening In Downtown Las Vegas

Attention lords and ladies in search of scrumptious sliders: plans are in the works to bring a White Castle restaurant to downtown Las Vegas. The sign for the new location at South 4th Street and Fremont Streets just went up in place of the old Harley-Davidson retail shop. Read More

Experts Say Las Vegas High-Rise Market Is Slow, Steady

Slow and steady gains and give the Raiders a little credit. That’s the description from Realtors and real estate analysts on the Las Vegas high-rise condo market nearly a decade after the market plunged because of the Great Recession and oversupply. Some are even pointing to the 2020 relocation of the Oakland Raiders as boosting sales. Read More

Ban On Home Delivery For Recreational Pot Surprises Nevada Industry Officials

When the Nevada Department of Taxation last month released a draft of permanent regulations to govern recreational marijuana starting Jan. 1, one item was noticeably missing for industry officials: Home delivery service. Read More

David Copperfield Lets Us Inside His Museum Of Magic

There are few magicians alive today that are as well known or as dedicated to their craft as David Copperfield. With a 40- year career, 21 Emmy Award wins and 11 Guinness World Records, it’s no surprise that Copperfield has become a fixture in the Las Vegas performance pantheon, grossing over a billion dollars in ticket sales. That success lies in his ability to make the impossible happen, whether that’s surviving a fall over Niagara Falls, floating over the Grand Canyon or making the Statue of Liberty disappear. Read More

Americana’s Stephen Blandino Dishes On His Favorite Las Vegas Restaurants

Sin City is home to a lot of restaurants and bars, but there are tons of hidden gems that the majority of Las Vegans aren’t unearthing. To help guide readers to these potential discoveries, Eater Vegas enlisted some of the city’s food players to share their recommendations for a feature dubbed Dining Confidential. Read More

Sky High-Rise Units On Las Vegas Strip Hit Market

The Strip high-rise condominium market continues its rebound, and nothing epitomizes that more than what’s happening at Sky Las Vegas. Nearly two years after San Diego-based Pathfinder Properties acquired 64 of the unsold units in the 44-story tower that opened in 2007 at the north end of the Strip, it’s reporting sales have picked up this summer. Read More

Nevada Gaming Commission To Hash Over Weed And Casinos

Nevada’s legalization of recreational marijuana has made life easier for users but more difficult for gaming companies, something the Nevada Gaming Commission hopes to address in a special meeting on Thursday. Read More

Thousands Of People Moving To Las Vegas Causes Rent Increase

Thousands of people are moving to Las Vegas each year which means they need somewhere to live. Realtor Tony Madaffari says this greatly impacts the real estate market. Read More

Wolfgang Puck Is Opening A Spago At The Bellagio In Las Vegas

Chef, author and T.V. personality Wolfgang Puck is expanding his restaurant empire with a new location of Spago, his Beverly Hills restaurant, at the Bellagio hotel on the Las Vegas Strip. The restaurant has taken over the space formerly occupied by Todd English’s Olives, which means it comes with a view of the hotel’s famous fountains. Read More