Las Vegas News

Finding Cheap Fun At Every Casino On The Las Vegas Strip

Rocking the Las Vegas Strip these days requires strategy. Sure, it’s bigger and better than ever, but so is the price tag. That huge concert, mind-blowing stage show, memorable night in the megaclub or spectacular restaurant meal is going to cost hundreds of dollars, and though it will be worth it, you’ll need to cushion your Vegas budget with more affordable fun during non-baller hours. Read More

Las Vegas Woman Suffers 2nd Degree Burns After Walking On Pavement

A local woman suffered second-degree burns on both of her feet while mistakenly walking barefoot on the pavement.On hot days like Thursday, the asphalt can reach temperatures up to 170 degrees. Read More

Cosmopolitan Launching $100 Million-Plus Room Refresh

The Cosmopolitan has announced a major makeover of most of its hotel rooms, the latest in a series of upgrades at the resort that have included the addition of luxury penthouses and private gaming spaces. A spokesperson for the resort said the cost of upgrades will be “substantially more than $100 million.” Read More

Slot Machines: The Rich History Of A Casino Favorite

The energy on a casino floor is something Las Vegans know well: anxious players, flashing lights, ringing bells, bemused dealers and the communal celebration when a jackpot is hit. It’s palpable, visceral and electrifying. Annually, it draws millions of tourists and locals alike, pumps billions of dollars in revenue into state coffers and anoints us all with a certain badge of honor. Read More

Vegas Showdown: The Italian Round

I’ve gotten some fun feedback from this format – reviewing Vegas experiences in pairs, such as beer gardens and steak houses. It allows me to share two reviews in one article, and it also lets me contrast the strengths of each so you can get a better picture of what might suit your tastes. Read More

Mermaids Casino Is Demolished In Downtown Las Vegas

Mermaids Casino, a seedy but beloved casino on Fremont Street in downtown Las Vegas, has been demolished to make way for a new resort. The Mermaids site has hosted a number of casinos since it opened as Silver Palace in 1956. Read More

Las Vegas Couple’s Casino Collection Fills Their Home

The first thing visitors notice when walking into the Smith’s home is the Playboy bunny chip. The 4-foot-tall image of the model hangs in living room, her image trapped on a giant foam poker chip. Read More

Medical Marijuana Users In Las Vegas Banned From Owning Guns

Bad news for medical marijuana marijuana users in Las Vegas, after the 9th Circuit Court of appeals ruled that you can NOT own a gun. The court ruled unanimously that the Nevada ban preventing medical marijuana users from purchasing firearms is not a violation of the Constitution, as there is a compelling interest to prevent habitual users from owning guns as it “raises the risk of irrational or unpredictable behavior with which gun use should not be associated.” Read More

Golden Knights Unveil Las Vegas-Themed Mask For Goaltender Fleury

The Golden Knights and goaltender Marc-Andre Fleury have included a nod to their hometown in the design of the mask he plans to wear for the team’s inaugural season. Read More

Houseboating On Lake Mead Just Outside Las Vegas

Exploring the desert has been a long-time fascination and passion of my Dad’s. He would take the family on trips to remote parts of the desert in search of gold, lost treasure or to just explore the harsh, yet beautiful desert landscapes. He has boated on Lake Mojave near Laughlin, NV and he took an auto tour around Lake Powell several years ago. Read More