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Amid Hot Sales, The Strip Is Becoming Backstreet Boulevard

Transmissions from across VegasVille, where a new band of resort execs is headlining a Strip lounge and the Backstreet Boys cannot be stopped. Read More

Phoenix Couple Hits $944,337 Jackpot On Penny Slot At Harrah’s Las Vegas

A lucky couple walked away with nearly a million bucks thanks to a penny slot in Las Vegas. Nicholas Blaskowski and Nicole Perry, of Phoenix, scored $944,337.37 on the “Willy Wonka: World of Wonka” slot at Harrah’s Las Vegas on June 18. Read More

What To Expect In The Air This Summer

Between flight cancellations last month at Spirit Airlines that led to a brawl in the airport in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., and viral cellphone videos of crew and passenger altercations — most notably a United Airlines passenger being wrestled from his seat and dragged down the aisle — the airline industry has experienced a turbulent spring. Read More

Las Vegas Marijuana Sales Exceed Expectations; Customers Continue To Line Up

Recreational marijuana sales have exceeded the expectations of Las Vegas-area store owners, who have seen long lines outside their dispensaries since Saturday, when Nevada became the fifth state with shops selling pot to the public. Read More

Check Out These Things On Our Sports Fans Las Vegas Bucket List

In the movie “The Bucket List,” Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson go skydiving, drive a Shelby Mustang, fly over the North Pole, eat dinner at Chevre d’or in France, visit the Taj Mahal, ride motorcycles on the Great Wall of China, go on safari in Tanzania and trek to Mount Everest in Nepal. Only to find it obscured by clouds. Read More

‘The Australian Bee Gees Show’ Is ‘Keeping The Music Alive’

Talk with superstars Celine Dion (“Immortality”) and Barbra Streisand (“Woman in Love”), and they will be the first to tell you that there’s never been a group like The Bee Gees — and there probably never will be again. They were not only phenomenal performers, but also wonderful writers who penned nearly 1,000 songs. Read More

Removal Of Signs Begins Demolition In Downtown Las Vegas

Take it from Derek Stevens, the takedown of Vegas Vickie is just the beginning. The process of removing the neon sidekick to Vegas Vic and the 24 big letters that spell out “Las Vegas Club” on signs from the venerable casino has started a seven-month demolition that will create a one-block cavity in downtown Las Vegas by the end of the year that will become the home of a new resort. Read More

Get a Haircut Is A Rock ‘N’ Roll Barber Shop In Downtown Las Vegas

To get the confusing part out of the way first: J.J. is a rock- obsessed barber, but he doesn’t cut long rock-dude hair. “I kind of stress that I do barbering. I don’t do styling,” he says. “As far as styling and layering and all that stuff, I don’t know how to do all that. The only thing I can really do with long hair is comb it out and cut the ends off.” Read More

Las Vegas Adds A New Lure To Its Repertoire As Nevada Legalizes Pot. Here Come The Tourists

Oscar Goodman has dealt with his share of complicated local issues — a mixture of gambling, prostitution and a lot of public drinking. But the former Las Vegas mayor never imagined the newest vice to arrive in the city: legal marijuana. He never imagined it, but he likes it. Read More

Brent Musburger ‘Living The Dream’ In Las Vegas, Plans To Keep Close Watch On SEC

On this recent Thursday afternoon, a flurry of activity carries on within a small studio at the South Point Hotel, Casino and Spa before he begins his two-hour show, My Guys in the Desert, as part of the Vegas Stats & Information Network. He slips on a pair of large black headphones. He’s ready for another day of sharing his passion with the world. Read More