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Jennifer Lopez’s Las Vegas Show Brings Out The Stars

Star light, star bright, the first star we’ll see tonight is… J.Lo. Things get a lot brighter on the Las Vegas Strip on May 24 when Jennifer Lopez’s Las Vegas show returns to The AXIS inside Planet Hollywood. And we’re not just talking about all the bling on the stage. Read More

Old Warehouse In Downtown Las Vegas Prepping To Attract New Businesses

It could be the motto these days in Downtown Las Vegas as several more redevelopment projects transform aging properties. The old Mission Linen Warehouse, which has its roots in the 1950s, is being rehabilitated to become office and entertainment space. With 31,000-square feet of retail space available, developers expect new tenants within the year. Read More

Do You Like Beer? Las Vegas Has Plenty Of Craft Beer Options To Satisfy Any Taste

If you like something then every week should be “National _____ Week.” I typically think these made up holidays are silly, but today is an exception. I was recently reminded that American Craft Beer Week takes place May 15 – 21. This gives me an excuse to talk about beer. Read More

Like Desert Sands, Las Vegas Resorts Continue To Shift In Focus

Strip resorts of the future will probably look quite different. The casino floor, for one thing, will most likely be smaller. But Las Vegas and its huge integrated resorts should continue to succeed, if only because they are so good at listening to their customers. Read More

Affordable Housing Market Tighttening

The era of affordable housing in Southern Nevada following the Great Recession is over as quickly as it began. The affordable housing shortage that was routine prior to the housing collapse a decade ago took center stage among panelists and experts in the Las Vegas Housing Outlook held April 21 at The Orleans Arena. Read More

The Most Expensive Zip Code In Nevada Isn’t In Las Vegas

A study by PropertyShark reveals that the median sale price of a home in Glenbrook was $1,574,887, making it the most expensive zip code for 2016 in Nevada. Read More

Professor: Las Vegas Strip A Thing Of All-American Beauty

Nevadans love to bash the Las Vegas Strip. But when others do it, we get defensive. So get ready to be surprised: a professor who has a new book that’s published by MIT Press says Strip architecture is an All-American thing of beauty. Read More

Heli-Yoga Takes Yoga To New Heights In Las Vegas

There’s rooftop yoga and hot yoga and nude yoga. There’s even goat yoga. But if you’re looking for the kind of yoga that will not only bring you inner peace but make your Instagram followers turn green with envy, look no further than heli-yoga. Read More

Tourists Contributed $2.1B to Southern Nevada Coffers In 2016

Southern Nevada’s governments would have been $2.1 billion poorer if no tourists had come to Las Vegas in 2016.  That was the lead nugget from a presentation on the impact of tourism on public revenue conducted by Jeremy Aguero, a principal for Applied Analysis, at the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority board on Tuesday. Read More

Vegas & Death Valley: Get Away For A Couple Of Days

In the 21st Century, most people live a very hectic life and hardly have any time to get away even for a short vacation. As we all know, it is essential to break away from time to time in order to keep our sanity. If two weeks are not in the cards, perhaps a week or even a long weekend is the solution. I recently opted for the latter one, while my family was visiting from France. Read More