Las Vegas News

Dining Review: Eat In Downtown Las Vegas

With the recent closure of the Du-Par’s location inside the Golden Gate, members of many online Vegas groups and forums are still beating their collective breasts, wondering which restaurants in downtown Las Vegas could fill the breakfast void. I’ve been trying to get everybody to eat. At Eat, that is. Read More

Tech Upgrades Coming With $1.4B Las Vegas Convention Center Expansion

The expansion will include digital upgrades that will boost the center’s stature to the next level, including wayfinding kiosks and smart name badges. Read More

The Sin That’s Not Welcome In Sin City

You can gamble and drink all you want on the Las Vegas Strip. But you can’t buy weed there — even though it’s legal in Nevada. The state voted last fall to legalize recreational marijuana, which means it will eventually be sold in stores like alcohol. But it’s not for sale among the blinding marquees and glittering casinos of the Strip. Not now, and maybe not ever. Read More

Not Chump Change: Lost Casino Tickets Bring In Big Bucks For Nevada

Gamblers left more than $35 million on casino floors in the past five years, money the state of Nevada was happy to come along and pick up. The cash came in the form of slot and video machine tickets that players either lost, forgot about or simply didn’t bother to turn in. Read More

Legislation May Push Light-Rail Between Airport, Las Vegas

A bill working its way through the state Legislature could advance efforts to develop, build and operate a light rail line connecting McCarran International Airport, the Strip and downtown Las Vegas as soon as 2023 — assuming all the funding is secured. Read More

Las Vegas And The Raiders Are A Match Made In … America

Las Vegas was founded in 1905. The NFL was founded in 1920. After nearly a century of uncertain coexistence, they finally found each other last week, embracing at a Bank of America just east of the Strip after an unsuspecting public had dumped off $750 million in small bills. Read More

$1 3:2 Blackjack Exists On The Strip, For Now

As inexpensive games at good odds go the way of the dodo, otherwise peripheral machines become noteworthy. A friendly hint from a worthy Twitter follow, @chaunceyb3, led me to one such machine at the Mirage. It was a timely suggestion, as I was set to arrive at the property the very next day. Read More

Blind Men Kayak Through The Grand Canyon

Erik Weihenmayer has climbed Mount Everest, the highest summit in the world. In fact, he’s climbed the seven highest mountains in the world, known as the seven summits. He did it all, even though he’s blind. Weihenmayer said even though he’s accomplished all of that, there’s one thing that was more difficult to do: kayak all 277 miles of the Colorado River. Read More

The Nerd Nightclub Opens At Downtown’s Neonopolis

A new nightlife offering has opened at downtown’s Neonopolis, The Nerd. The Nerd nightclub takes up residence in the former Drink & Drag space and offers bowling, pool and frosty beverages. No drag queens, but you’ll survive. The Grand Opening of The Nerd was attended by Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman and other tenants of Neonopolis, a shopping center that has struggled in the past, but which seems to be building momentum with new businesses like Fremont Arcade and an eSports arena. Read More

It Has Begun: What You Need To Know About Caesars Entertainment’s Parking Fees

Yep, a topic much to the annoyance of many Las Vegas visitors and locals alike…parking fees. We’ll get through this together, promise. As parking fees are a fact of life on the Vegas strip (with very few exceptions), Caesars Entertainment has begun their implementation of parking fees at their resorts. Although they announced parking fees in November of 2016, the parking fees at the LINQ started last week. Parking fees at Caesars Palace start today. On April 6th the fees begin for Bally’s and Paris. Parking fees are no joke. Read More

First Skill-Based Slot Machines In Las Vegas Debut, Here’s The Low-Down

Skill-based slot machines, the subject of much buzz and speculation over the last couple of years, have officially arrived in a Las Vegas casino. The first skill-based slot machines in Las Vegas can now be played at Planet Hollywood, and we’ve got all the details about what casinos are hoping will help deal with “The Millennial Problem.” Read More

Bellagio And Aria Increasing Parking Fees Again

According to a valet at Bellagio and Aria, who wanted to remain anonymous for fear of retaliation, Bellagio and Aria are once again increasing parking fees by at least 50% more. Read More

Nevada Senate Signs Permission Slip For Las Vegas Light Rail

Nevada senators are green-lighting a bill that would provide the permission necessary to build high-capacity systems of transportation in Las Vegas. Senate Bill 149 would lay the groundwork to implement a multi-billion-dollar light rail plan being considered to link McCarran International Airport with the Las Vegas Strip. Read More