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Review: Classic Cher at The Park Theater

Paperposter here, reviewing Cher’s residency “Classic Cher” at The Park Theater. The show is a cross between Cher’s hits, Cirque du Soleil, and Broadway music with around 12 costume changes. Honestly, I lost count. Read More

Some Now-Grown Las Vegas Fans Relive Their Backstreet Boys Fandom

It’s not that they’re so old now. It’s just that they — and even more, their fans — were really young back then. But a lot of life happened for Backstreet girls since the Backstreet Boys played the MGM Grand Garden arena in 1998 and 1999. Read More

Skill-Based Games, eSports Being Used to Attract Younger Gamblers

Getting millennials in the casinos has become something of an obsession for Las Vegas gaming companies. Many of them believe it’s essential to win over the next generation of gamblers and two companies are going about it in extreme ways. Read More

Las Vegas Trip Report: Bellagio, Willie Nelson, Gordon Ramsay Fish Chips, Downtown

A few weeks ago, a dear friend of mine invited me and three others to spend Super Bowl Weekend in Vegas. Did I mention how wonderful my friend is? This trip was a first for me – I planned nothing! It was a luxury and an almost a point of anxiety since I am the ultimate planner. My friend booked everything for us, and I was just a happy tagalong. Read More

Seven Year Switch: How Las Vegas Hospitality Has Changed

In looking back at the history of “Vegas Seven,” it’s important to keep one eye on the city’s trajectory. Pharaoh woke from a terrible dream. Seven beautiful, fat cows emerged from the river to graze. It was good to be the master of such bounty. Then seven hideous, skeletal cows rose up and devoured the sleek ones. The last thing he remembered before he opened his eyes with a groan was that the scrawny cows remained just as ugly. Read More

Man Miraculously Survives 90-Foot Fall Into Grand Canyon

A Kanab, Utah, man survived a 90-foot fall in the Grand Canyon and caught it on camera. Nick Smith from “Seldom Seen Adventures” fell in Soap Creek Canyon in the Grand Canyon. He said he is very sore but luckily didn’t break any bones. Smith told Fox 13 he had to climb back up the rope after falling, then climb and hike out of the canyon to his car and drive home. Read More

Born and Raised to Bring The Local Bar to The Las Vegas Strip

Valley natives tend to see Las Vegas — particularly the Strip — differently from the rest of the world. Born and Raised founder Scottie Godino is no exception. Where established names — from celebrity chefs to fast-food chains — view Las Vegas Boulevard as a destination, Godino sees it as a launch pad from which to propel his homegrown, two-tavern brand Born and Raised across the country. Read More

Taco Bell Unleashes Wedding Service in Las Vegas

When Taco Bell first opened its flagship Cantina restaurant on the Las Vegas Strip back in November, it seemed like only a matter of time before the fast food chain started offering wedding ceremonies for diehard fans at the flashy taco mecca. Well, it looks like that time has finally come. Really. Read More

Hidden Restaurant Gems Beyond The Neon Of The Las Vegas Strip

hese are the restaurants where locals go (we probably shouldn’t share them — but we will). Las Vegas is a city that never slumbers, and that is especially true when it comes to the food and beverage industry. If you can make it in the food industry here you are probably doing something right, since the competition for culinary cash generates intense heat in and out of the kitchen. Read More

Las Vegas Sands Attracts Millennials with Social Games and Amenities

The search for the secret formula to attract a younger demographic to resorts and, ultimately, the casino has reached far and wide. Most of the big players discovered long ago that nightclubs and swimming pool dayclubs were a lucrative venture playing to the desire of millennials to see and be seen in a setting where their friends congregate. Read More