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‘They All Have Something Special’: Celine Dion Shares Her Love Of Photography

One would never expect to see magnificent singer Celine Dion shopping just before midnight on a Saturday in Las Vegas. But, more notably, never in purple pajamas, neon sneakers and faux fur coat to guard against the chill. Read More

French Restaurants That Should Be On Your Las Vegas Dining Agenda

Internationally acclaimed French chefs such as Joel Robuchon, Pierre Gagnaire, and Guy Savoy who have restaurants in Las Vegas are part of the reason why the city is known as a culinary destination. Read More

MONEY MATTERS: Caesars Entertainment To Raise Resort Fees At Its Las Vegas Hotels

Several Las Vegas hotels are raising their resort fees starting next month. Caesars Entertainment will raise resort fees at Las Vegas hotels on March 1, saying that the increase will bring those charges in line with competitors Las Vegas Sands, MGM resorts and Wynn resorts. Read More

You Can Get Married At A Las Vegas Taco Bell For $600

Move over Little White Wedding Chapel, there’s a new place for love in town. And it’s known as Taco Bell. That’s right, the popular fast food chain is celebrating love by giving fans the opportunity to get married at its Las Vegas Cantina flagship restaurant in the summer of 2017. Read More

Downtown Projects Will Add More Than 1,000 New Apartments

A team of about 50 workers are toiling daily at the site of Fremont 9, a Las Vegas apartment complex expected to open this year that will chip away at the city’s goal for boosting housing downtown. Read More

How Tony Hsieh’s $350 Million Bet on Las Vegas Went Down

Aimee Groth’s book about the not-so-excellent adventures of Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh reads like the fever dream you might have after going on a bender at a TED conference. Every management trope of the last decade–the audacious goals and small bets, tribes and circles, primacy of passion and nobility of failure–are plucked from the abstract and rendered as human tragicomedy. Read More

Las Vegas Close To Landing Second Top-tier NASCAR Race

Las Vegas is close to getting a second top-tier NASCAR race at Las Vegas Motor Speedway beginning in 2018. The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority board of directors has scheduled a special meeting for Wednesday to consider a seven-year $2.5 million annual sponsorship agreement with NASCAR that would include the addition of a fall race at the speedway. Read More

Derek Stevens Is Taking Down A Block Of Fremont Street But Leaving The Signs Intact

In 2015, Derek and Greg Stevens purchased Fremont Street’s Las Vegas Club casino and several neighboring properties, including Mermaids and Topless Girls of Glitter Gulch. All told, it adds up one entire city block that the Stevens brothers intend to demolish and build up anew. Read More

Las Vegas Monorail Wants Multimillion-Dollar Guarantee To Move Forward With Expansion

Las Vegas Monorail Co. President and CEO Curtis Myles gave Clark County commissioners an ultimatum Tuesday regarding a proposed route extension. Read More

Statistics: Las Vegas Rich With Dancers And Dealers, But Needs Teachers And Engineers

Hearing that Nevada ranks drastically below other metro areas in the number of legislators working here may leave some Silver State residents cheering. Read More