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Ricky Martin Talks Las Vegas Residency On ‘Tonight Show’: ‘I Cannot Wait’

Ricky Martin simply “cannot wait” for his Las Vegas residency to kick off April 5. The “Vente pa’ca” singer appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy FallonThursday night (Feb. 16), where he talked about his upcoming residency at the Park Theater at Monte Carlo. Read More

Super Bowl LI Generates Record Wagering Total Of $138.5M In Nevada

A game that featured the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history also produced a record wagering handle in Nevada. The state’s 196 sports books had $138.5 million wagered on Sunday’s game, according to figures released Monday by the Nevada Gaming Control Board. The books won $10.9 million for a hold percentage of 7.9. Read More

Las Vegas: Extreme-Sports Resort In The Pipeline?

Plans have been announced for an extreme sports park and hotel on 130 acres just south of the Strip. The $800 million complex called The Edge would offer dirt-bike racing, wakeboarding, surfing, bungee jumping and indoor skydiving, among other activities, and include a 15-story, 640-room hotel. Read More

Nevada, California Incidents Highlight Vulnerability Of Nevada’s 650-Plus Dams

Hoover gets all the glory, but Nevada is home to more than 650 dams, nearly a quarter of which are classified as “high hazard” because of what could happen if they fail. State records identify 133 dams in Clark County alone, including 67 high-hazard structures, most of them flood detention basins perched above — and built to protect — residential neighborhoods. Read More

5 Realistic Options For A Las Vegas MLB Baseball Team

In an interview this week, Rob Manfred became the first MLB commissioner to openly discuss the possibility of having a baseball team in Las Vegas. So what’s the most realistic option in the near future? MLB commissioner Rob Manfred may have to re-attach the countless heads he blew up following an interview with reporters this week. Read More

The 5 Most Romantic Cocktail Lounges In Las Vegas

It may be known as Sin City, but Las Vegas is also one of the most romantic destinations in the country, if the city’s average of 115,000 wedding licenses a year are any indication. But couples don’t travel there only for nuptials. They go to Vegas to be together, whether on a date, to celebrate an anniversary, or just to get away. Read More

New Table Games Have Steep Hurdles For Success

When it comes to slots, new skill-based games have generated a lot of industry buzz. But in the world of table games, blackjack and baccarat (and to a lesser extent, craps and roulette) continue to dominate, and experts say that won’t change anytime soon. Read More

A Visit to Palace Station Las Vegas

As a frequent Vegas visitor, you will often find me doing the same things in the same places. We all have our favorites, don’t we? But now and then it is fun to crawl out of our ruts and try something new. As a non-driving, budget conscious person, my urges to do new things are often curtailed by the thoughts of having to spend $60 in cab fare to do whatever it is that I want to do. Read More

Checking in on Vegas’ Illegal Escort Industry

Las Vegas’ prostitutes can’t tell you how business is going. There are no union spokespersons, no profit-and-loss statements … really, there’s not even a number you can call to ask (unless your follow-up question is along the lines of “how soon can you get here”). Kate Hausbeck Korgan, Interim Dean of UNLV’s Graduate College and co-founder (with Barbara Brents) of the university’s Sex and Body Industry Research Project (SABIR), spoke with the Weekly about the current state of this shadow industry. Read More

(Gallery) Top 10 Attractions for Animals Lovers in Las Vegas

1. Bonnie Ranch

Horses, & Peacocks, & goats, Oh My! This spot is great for people who like to get super up close and personal. There is a ghost town, a restaurant and a petting zoo. Great day trip for kids from Las Vegas. There’s a train that runs from the parking lot to the entrance on weekends.  It’s free from the parking lot but if you want a ride back you have to dine at the restaurant or buy tickets.  Which are inexpensive and then you get unlimited train rides all day. Read More