Las Vegas News

Cleopatra’s Barge Lounge Bar At Caesars Palace Is Still Rockin’

In the words of Vince Vaughn in “Swingers,” “Guys like you and me gotta kick it here, old school.” Trouble is, in Vegas it can be difficult to kick it old school in a classic Vegas lounge. The city has a habit of imploding things that have been around for longer than 20 years. Read More

Expansion Of Golden Gate Casino Has Begun

An expansion of the oldest casino in Las Vegas, Golden Gate Hotel & Casino, has begun. The expansion will increase the footprint of the Golden Gate’s “intimate” casino and increase the number of slot machines by nearly 30% (100 additional machines). Golden Gate currently has 361 slots. Yes, exactly. Read More

Caesars Entertainment Preps to Launch Paid Parking

Paid parking has become the new normal at Las Vegas resorts, and one of the Strip’s biggest players, Caesars Entertainment, is ready to expand its paid parking program to include guests who self-park. Read More

How Much Money Do Raiders Really Need To Build Las Vegas Stadium?

Projected costs for a proposed new National Football League stadium in Las Vegas might not be as high as anticipated, leaving Oakland Raiders owner Mark Davis looking for a new investment partner but possibly needing less money to complete the project. Read More

2017 Mardi Gras In Las Vegas

The following is a list of Mardi Gras specials and events for the Las Vegas area. The Hofbrauhaus is celebrating Mardi Gras fromn Feb. 24 to March 5. They will kick off the festivities with a special keg tapping on Feb. 24. And, they’ve enlisted the help of Chef Will Staten, a Top 40 contestant on MasterChef and a ruler of “Ragin’ Cajun Cookin’” and “Nawlins” flavors, to help the restaurant create a special menu just for Mardi Gras. Dishes include Jammin Jambalya, Blackened Chicken, Cajun Trout with leek and Blackened Pork Loin. Read More

Tales Of Las Vegas Gamblers

There are many ways to categorize casinos, and one of the primary divisions is local casino vs. destination resort. All casinos strive to attract players from out of their region, but if you talk to players at a casino in the Chicago suburbs, for example, you’ll find most of the players are from Chicagoland. On the other hand, if you talk to players in Atlantic City, you’ll find they’re from throughout the Eastern seaboard, and those in Las Vegas could be from anywhere. Read More

Rethinking The Excalibur Las Vegas

With an entire week in Vegas and two teenagers in tow, we were looking for a different type of hotel. Specifically, we were going to book two rooms. The teenagers would love the independence; the adults would enjoy the quiet and privacy. But, of course, this meant looking for an affordable option in a family-friendly resort. And, just like that, the Excalibur, with its games room, low rates, and connection to all the MGM Resorts, was in play. Read More

‘Property Brothers’ Launches Dream Homes In Las Vegas

Las Vegas residents and beloved stars of the HGTV series “The Property Brothers” Drew and Jonathan Scott are giving their devotees the opportunity to own a bona fide, Scott brothers-designed home. But not the modest production homes featured on their shows. Dream Homes by Scott Living was announced late last month as a new venture for affluent buyers with big budgets and a taste for desert contemporary-style dwellings. Read More

A New NBA-Ready Arena In Las Vegas Future?

T-Mobile Arena may soon have company on the Strip. Mass excavation for a $5 billion project that includes a 22,000-seat arena at the north end of the Strip could start as early as April, a member of the prospective ownership group said Thursday after a meeting of the principals and investors at Park Tower. Read More

Born To Be Wild (flowers): Three Springtime Delights In The Desert

If spring wildflowers were people, they’d be a carefree lot, free spirits who don’t set their alarm clocks and never check email. They’d toss their colorful heads with a mischievous catch-me-if-you-can dare, living by the seats of their pants. If they had pants. But they don’t. They’re flowers, born to be wild and au so naturel. Read More