Best Times to Visit Las Vegas

Las Vegas is best known for its winter season and the Super Bowl each year. During this time, the city receives an influx of visitors due to both events. The summer season brings temperatures up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit.

Looking to save money while traveling to Las Vegas during the week? Take advantage of the city’s lower rates by booking a midweek trip and gamble at availing of low odds.

Every year, hundreds of conferences take place in Las Vegas, which increases the room rates at participating hotels. Before you book, check the schedule of the events being held in the city.


The spring season in Las Vegas usually brings temperatures of around 70 degrees Fahrenheit. However, once the sun goes down, the temperatures start to cool down. This is a great time to book a hotel room since fewer people are in the city during this period.


Although you won’t be able to experience air conditioning during your stay in Las Vegas, it’s still important that you take advantage of the various cooling facilities available in the city. If you’re craving a break from the sun, head out early in the morning or after dark to enjoy some fresh air.


After the summer heat has started to dissipate, it’s a good time to visit Las Vegas during the autumn season. During this period, temperatures are expected to range from 80 degrees Fahrenheit to 90 degrees Fahrenheit. However, as the winter season approaches, low temperatures of 60 degrees Fahrenheit are expected to be common. It’s important to book a couple of weeks in advance to ensure that you can still visit the city.


Las Vegas is known for its cooling climate during the winter season, which is a great time to visit the city. However, it’s also important to book a few weeks in advance so that you can avoid experiencing cold weather. Although the weather in the city is typically much warmer than in other areas of the country, it still gets cold in winter.

Most of the hotels in Las Vegas will close their pools during the winter season. During this period, many of the city’s most popular events are held in the area.